Video Gallery

38.  Click here for Alumni Meet 2k19 Videos


37. Inauguration of Ramanbhai Post Graduate Center, L. M. College of Pharmacy

36. A Short Film by Samkit Shah on PARTYCLES 2018

35. GTU Central Techfest’18 – Roar for Revolution

34. Farewell Video of Batch 2014 – 2018

33. A Short Farewell Video Clip on Mr. Hemendra Nanavati Sir

32. Inauguration of Atal Incubation Centre

31. Short Video clip on retiring teacher Mr. H. B. Nanavati Sir

30. Talvar Raas during PARTYCLES 2k18

29. Solo Song by Aastha during PARTYCLES 2k18

28. Duet Dance on Udi Udi Jaay during PARTYCLES 2k18

27. Solo Song (Bangladeshi Language ) by Mohsin during PARTYCLES 2k18

26. Mime during PARTYCLES 2k18

25. Solo Song by Shomaly during PARTYCLES 2k18

24. Story Telling by Vinisha Dudhat during PARTYCLES 2k18

23. Character Day – Costume Contest during PARTYCLES 2k18

22. Short film on PARTYCLES 2k18 by Rutvik Modi

21.  Vote of Thanks by Vijaykumar Bhavsar during PARTYCLES 2k18

20. Saaudamini Sinha during PARTYCLES 2k18

19. Gujarati Garba during PARTYCLES 2k18

18. Speech of Hon. Principal – Dr. Mahesh Chhabria during PARTYCLES 2k18

17.  Heritage Walk 1.0 – Masjid to Mandir

16. Over Priced Brandoscine – Winner of Short Film Competition during PARTYCLES 2k18

15.  PARTYCLES 2k18 – Short Summery from 23rd January to 30th Januray

14. PARTYCLES 2k18 – 69th Republic Day Celebration

13.  PARTYCLES 2k18 – Debate Competition 

12. Parody by LMCPians at Alumni Meet 2018

11.  Ghoomar by LMCPians at Alumni Meet 2018

10. Song sequence by LMCPians at Alumni Meet 2018

9.  Prayer Dance by LMCPians at LMCP Alumni Meet 2018

8. Qawwali by LMCPians at LMCP Alumni Meet 2018

7. Kon Banse CM : Mood of students from L M College of Pharmacy

Courtesy: ABP Asmita

6. Tribute to Teachers on Teacher’s Day 2017 by B.Pharm Students (Batch of 2015 – 2019)

5. A video on Sweet Memories at college made by Batch of 2017 (B.Pharm)

4. Farewell Documentary by B.Pharm Sem VIII (Batch of 2017)

3. Hindi Songs’ Parody by LMCPians at Alumni Meet 2017

2. Bollywood Songs Mashup sung by LMCPians at Alumni Meet 2017

1. Gujarati Songs Mashup by LMCPians at Alumni Meet 2017