Field Trip to iCREATE – Part of IIC-LMCP (MHRD) and SSIP Program

On 5th February 2019, a field trip was organised by L. M. College of Pharmacy as a part of IIC (MHRD) program and SSIP. Around 42 students and 4 faculty members visited iCREATE incubation centre. It is an International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology that identifies, nurtures and mentors the spirit of budding entrepreneurs and provides them with all assistance required during their entrepreneurial journey.

MHRD, Govt. of India has established MHRD’S Innovation Cell (MIC) to foster the culture of innovation amongst all Higher Education Institutions. Under the vision of MIC, LMCP has been selected for establishment of Institute Innovation Council (IIC) to promote innovation and develop an innovation ecosystem in campus.

As part of IIC program students were made to visit iCREATE incubation centre to get idea of how an innovation ecosystem works. This will help them in generation of pool of ideas and thereby they can think of developing an innovative solution to an existing problem. Thus, this trip was to make them learn steps involved ranging from idea generation to development of proof of concept to incubation to actual commercialisation. The students realised the efforts of government made in field of start up and entrepreneurship and various grants and support offered by it. Now the era has changed from “to be employed” to “to be an employer.”

Thus it was a fruitful visit and the students have been motivated and inspired to become an entrepreneur.

Reported and Edited by : Dr. Radhika Pandya

Photography Credits : Brijesh Parghi


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