Health Awareness Camp at Chhota Udaipur

LMCP had conducted a Health awareness camp in the villages of Chhota Udaipur district of Gujarat to educate elders, school children and the likes of all regarding health, its maintenance and its importance.

This visit saw an overwhelming participation from the students of LMCP as 15 Pharm.D, 40 B.Pharm and 10 Diploma students had participated in the camp.

Initially, a pilot study was carried by a group of student of B.Pharm in Chhota Udaipur regarding the health issues of the people followed by a two days camp of the whole team  of 65 students.

On the first day i.e 17th January 2019 our team leaders Dr. Sneha Chacko (faculty incharge), Neel Patel (B.Pharm) and Belove Shah (Pharm.D) were welcomed and felicitated with floral bouquets.

B.Pharm students went from village to village, met the locals and created awareness reagrding Harmful effects of Tobacco and Breast cancer through posters. They also persuaded the villagers to understand the importance of health and asked them to visit the nearby PHC where the Pharm.D students had set up a medical camp offering diagnostic services. Patient Counselling Services were also provided.

While the people arrived for the camp, the Pharm.D students took classes of the school children on general health awareness. Girls belonging to higher secondary division of the school were provided knowledge regarding importance of menstrual hygiene and general sessions on Health and Hygiene were also conducted.

Team of students carried out the camp at Kanabeda,Vijli, Aathadugali, Jamba and Chipan. An overwhelming response was obtained and people arrived for the check-up in large numbers.

The evening saw the students carry out classes on General hygiene, Menstrual cycleharmful effects of tobacco and breast cancer by B.Pharm students at Goariya. A health camp was also setup for the students of the school. The night ended at a campus in Chinchod.

The second day, 18th January, 2019 saw the students take classes on General hygiene, Menstrual hygiene, Harmful effects of Tobacco and Breast Cancer at Chinchod, Rojkuva and Puniyavat. The students of the school received the classes well and also were very participating.

It was really an educating experience for the students. It not only showed us where the country stands on the health parameter but also made us realise the necessity to conduct such camps. Students were happy that they were able to make some change and create awareness in people regarding basic hygiene and health.

Students got encouragement as they got this opportunity to attend such a camp which has made them realise the true value and the power of the education they receive as a student at an institute like L.M.College of Pharmacy.

We owe utmost gratitude to Mr. Harish Mackwana (Commissioner of Tribal Development) as he permitted us and provided us with all facility to conduct this camp. We would heartily like to thank Dr. Mahesh Chhabaria (Principal, LMCP) for giving us this opportunity and Dr. Gaurang Shah for guiding us on the lectures to be conducted.

Reported by : Amisha Nehru

Edited by : Dr.Radhika Pandya and Amisha Nehru

Photography Credits : Apu Singha Polash


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