PARTYCLES 2K19 – Day 1: Go Green Day

Hola! Here we are again at the time of the year which is most eagerly awaited by all of the students, the entrée of the college fest!. Brace yourself, because now is the time that you all get the opportunity to show your skills and knowledge in criteria other than academics. Just like every year, this time too LMCP is going to celebrate the combo of 7 days intra-institute Annual Fest – PARTYCLES – 2019.

Once again the fest is full of zealous students, and  the first day of PARTYCLES was celebrated as ‘Go Green Day’ and ‘No mobile Day’. The first day was joyously celebrated by the events like Tree plantation and decoration competition using plants held by students. All decoration teams were announced as winner.

On this same day, LMCP also successfully conducted “Blood Donation Camp and Thalassemia Test Drive which was managed by B-Pharm Semester-4 under the guidance of Dr. Dharmistha Parmar as a part of celebration of annual fest of LMCP – Partycles 2K19. The number of 24 units of blood donated by students is appreciably notable. In addition to this, there were also a good number of students (105 students) who got tested for thalassemia, which is helpful in preventing an inheritable genetic disease.

Reported by – Yash Shah

Edited by – Dr. Radhika Pandya and Disha Vihol

Photography Credit – Brijesh Parghi


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