Hola LMCPians..!
The most awaited time of the year is around the corner. Get ready for the First event of Partycles 2k19 – Sportacus 2019. (21st Jan to 7th Feb). Everyone is invited to enthusiastically take part in this Sports week.

Khelo LMCP, Fit raho LMCP.

Schedule is given below :-
1. Non- GPAT aspirants : 21st January to 7th February.
2. GPAT aspirants and Pharm.D 1st year : 29th January to 7th February.
3. Diploma Part-1 : 31st January to 7th February.

Register yourself as soon as possible. Last date for registration is 18th January, 2019.


Note : For team event, only one registration is required for each team. So, do not fill the form individually. It will be favorable if captain himself or herself do the honour.

For any further queries contact :

Harshil Jani – 7600267146

Neel Patel – 9824082824

Reported by – Yash Shah

Edited by – Dr. Radhika Pandya and Amisha Nehru




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