Creativity Workshop at LMCP

As the title states, “Creativity Workshop”, the first quote which comes in our head is, “To do something new, we need to think outside the box”. So to encourage this, the Gujarat State Education Department has initiated Student Start-up Innovation Policy (SSIP) program, to support more than 1.4 million students of the state, to nurture their start-up ideas from initial stage. Our L. M. College of Pharmacy is selected by the GTU as a granted nodal institution for period of 3 year.

Also, MHRD has selected our L.M.C.P for establishment of Institution Innovation Cell (IIC) whose major aim is to encourage and promote innovation, start-up and develop better cognitive ability for students.

So, with this perspective a workshop on creativity was organised on 22nd of December, 2018, at L. M. College of Pharmacy during 3 to 5 afternoon hours. The fun filled creative workshop was conducted by the innovative coach Mr. Kashyap Nansi. The workshop commenced with a welcome speech delivered by Dr. Mahesh Chhabaria and the speaker of the program, Mr. Kashyap Nasi was introduced and felicitated. During this session, around 150 participants were involved.

The workshop continued with an introduction to the necessity of creativity for future pursuit. Thereafter, a lecture on need of creativity for success in career and business was delivered. Students were encouraged to think creatively with live examples and activities. After the lecture; an interactive session was arranged to solve the queries raised by the students in the above session.

Reported by – Yash Shah

Edited by – Dr. Radhika Pandya and Disha Vihol

Photography Credit – Dr. Manish Patel



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