DR. D. D. SANTANI – An Unstoppable Man


Birth Date: 3rd March, 1946.

Birth Place: Shahdadpor, now in Pakistan.

School Attended: Mahaveer Digambar Jain High School, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Graduation: B. Pharm, Banaras Hindu University.

Post-graduation: M.Sc.( Med.) Pharmacology, S. P. Medical College, Bikaner (Rajasthan University)

Career Highlight:

Dr. D. D. Santani has studied  M.Sc. (Med.) Pharmacology. During his post-graduation that is between year 1967-1972 he was a demonstrator in Pharmacology department of the college and from 1972-1976 as a lecturer in BITS Pilani. He completed  his Ph.D. program during his lecturer ship. After that he went to SMS Medical College, Jaipur as a lecturer. After two years he went to Sagar University as a Reader (Associate Professor) in Pharmacology up to  December 1985. In January 1986, he came to L. M. College of Pharmacy as a Professor and Head, Department of Pharmacology. In 2008, he retired from LMCP and went to G.M. Bilakhiya College of Pharmacy, Vapi and stayed there up to 2014 as a Director. Then from 2014-2016, he went to Medical College NIMS University, Jaipur, Rajasthan. From there he went to Moga, Punjab as a Director for one year. Till date he is associated with different institutions as visiting faculty.

I: Why teach?

S: My main aim was to do a job after doctorate and go to some industry. For that I even studied MBA (Rajsthan University) in marketing but then it was too late to join industry because, I had already invested 11 years in teaching. As by then, I was accepted as a teacher by my students. I  decided to continue through out as a teacher. I even worked in industry for 2 years in Ahmedabad, but finally my aim became teaching so I came back as a teacher. The main thing is that I was very comfortable in life as a teacher and I even got very good feed back from the students, so I chose teaching as a career.

I: What about your research work?

S: I have total 120 research publications and 80 papers which have been presented in central conferences and at the same time my team has received 7 to 8 National awards for research. I have guided 30 Ph.D. students and about 100  M.Pharm. students.

I: How do you prepare for the lectures?

S: Even though  I have 50 years of experience as a teacher, whenever I have a lecture, I study before conducting the class and also prepare notes for the lectures.

I: What is your way of facing challenges in life? 

S:  I had only one challenge and that I was not being easily accepted by my colleagues. I had to change so many places because of that challenge. Even when I came to Ahmedabad, some of my friends were not comfortable around me because, I was quite young as a Head of Department.  But at a later stage even teachers of younger age got a chance to become a Professor.

I: What is your message for present student in following regards:-

1-How to pursue education

2Guidance for skill development

3-Should this generation go for teaching profession?

S: 1-Be confident when you are preparing for examination (for students). Those who want to become a teacher, enjoy teaching.

2-Students should keep themselves busy in reading books on subject other than pharmaceutical sciences. They should try to attend certain courses of language or management and learn something out of the disciplines which is also very helpful.

3-Nowadays scope in teaching is very limited. Good institutes are not available for eligible students which are willing to teach. So I would say that those who are really enthusiastic about  teaching should enter in the teaching field. Anybody should not step into teaching just because they did not get job outside teaching.

I: Any special moment in LMCP you would like to share?

S: The most special moments were those, when I was invited by certain organisations for teaching even without application, which was very thrilling experience for me. I have been involved in various extracurricular activities being held in the college which I really enjoyed. Moreover, I remember my first day in LMCP when everyone was a little surprised to see me in full suit and tie which was not that common for teachers here unlike some other institutes.

I: What are your strengths?

S: My strength is that, I enjoyed whatever I have done.

I: What is your Weakness?

S: I am very sensitive to something happening wrong, especially in the classes. Outside the college premises, I never mind what people do but in college I want a peaceful environment.

I: What are your Life goals?

S: My goal is to continue enjoying life which is probably through teaching till I develop dementia or amnesia.

I: What has been your Inspiration?

S: My inspirations are my teachers. I got very great teachers at every step of my life particularly my post graduation. They were all pioneers in teaching.

I: Any role model in life?

S: Professor B. R. Madan who was my teacher and Head of Department at post graduate level in S. P. Medical College, Bikaner.

Interviewers:- Meet Boghara, Rutvi Shah, Dhyey Salot


Editors:-Dr. Radhika Pandya, Amisha Nehru and Disha Vihol

Photography credits:- Dr. Sneha Chacko and Meet Boghara

6 thoughts on “DR. D. D. SANTANI – An Unstoppable Man

  1. I have had an association with Dr Santani long back in 1962 when he was a first year student in TDC in Birla Science college now known as BITS Pilani.
    I know Dev Das as very extrovert and a young boy full of confidence.He has a God gift and that is his photographic memory.Even today he can narrate the incidence of 1962 as if it happened yesterday.
    Subhash Jerath B.Pharm (B.I.T.S)


  2. Really proud of you sir.
    Such a brilliant person all time required in our pharmacy professional is required


  3. He is a great teacher.I found him more as a friend than as a teacher. I could discuss with him frankly without any reservation.


  4. Being my senior in BHU I had become fond of his love and affection which I continue to enjoy even today.
    May God bless him with a very fulfilling life ahead.


  5. I have known Dr. DDS since the time he stepped in Sagar. Though we never worked together but the relationship is much older than 4 decades. DDDS is a wonderful person, a great friend and above all a sensitive and humble human being. If I have heard anything about him – He is an excellent teacher and very much helpful. I meet him more often than many others, who live in Ahmedabad. Wishing him a great life, the man brimming full of energy and knowledge.


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