Swacch Bharat Internship by LMCPians

Under the Swach Bharat Summer Internship Programme of NSS, Pharm D students of LMCP had participated. Adalaj village of Gandhinagar district was selected for this programme. The whole programme was carried out from 18/06/2018 to 11/07/2018.

The integral part of programme was to aware the villagers regarding swachhta. As a part of the programme, street cleaning, waste collection and solid waste segregation was done to clean the village premises. Door to door visits were made to know the problems of the villagers and accordingly guidance was provided to them. A short hospital visit was also done and the patients were guided for upcoming season precautions. A short rally was held in collabration with students of the Adalaj Kumar Primary school to aware the villagers regarding swacchta. Short videos were shown to students to give information about swachhta.

Volunteers successfully completed this field activity and the whole programme proved to be a memorable and learning experience to them.

Students who participated in SWACHH BHARAT SUMMER INTERNSHIP were –

1.Vishal Dudhia (Pharm.D second year)

2.Dipen Kacha (Pharm.D second year)

3.Vrajesh Parmar (Pharm.D second year)

4.Vaishnavi Patel (Pharm.D second year)

5.Mansi Adatiya (Pharm.D second year)

We are thankful to Sarpanchji of Adalaj village and all villagers for their kind co-operation during this activity. We are also thankful to Honourable Principal Sir, Dr. Mahesh Chhabria and Programme Co-ordinator of NSS, Dr . Nayan Ratnakar for  their valuable support.

Reported by – Yash Shah

Edited by – Dr. Radhika Pandya and Amisha Nehru

Photography Credit – Vishal Dudhia










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