Traffic Awareness Programme by LMCPians

“Don’t learn the traffic rules by an ACCIDENT.” 

Every now and then we heard news regarding road accidents. We all know what are the rules to be followed while driving, but are we following the rules regularly? The answer is probably, no!

So as a part of NSS activity, students of LMCP have taken the great task to aware the society by organizing a “Traffic Awareness Programme.”

The programme was held at Vijay Cross Road by approximately 45-50 NSS volunteers. The awareness was spread through banners and posters stating few rules like-

  • Please have your seat-belts on while driving.      
  • Put off your mobile phone while driving.
  • Put on your helmets while driving.

Police Inspector and staff of Gujarat University Police Station also joined the programme with the volunteers and encouraged them. By this activity,  the LMCPians contribute themselves in making “Aware India, Safe India.”

We are thankful to all staff of Gujarat University Police station for their kind co-operation to organize this drive. We are also thankful to Principal Sir, Dr. Mahesh Chhabria and Faculty Co-ordinator of NSS, Dr. Nayan Ratnakar and Dr. Manish Patel for valuable support.

Reported by – Yash Shah

Edited by – Dr. Radhika Pandya and Disha Vihol

Photography Credit – Yash Shah


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