A Conversation With Formidable Woman-Dr. Yamini Shah


Brith date: 2nd November,1959

Birth place: Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Schooling: Maharani High School for Girls, Vadodara

Graduation: B.Pharm from Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Engineering, MSU

Post Graduation: M.Pharm and Ph.D in Pharmaceutics and Pharma Technology, L. M. college of Pharmacy, Ahmedabad

Designation: Associate Professor in Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharma Technology, L. M. College of Pharmacy.

I: Why teaching ?

Y: After I finished my doctorate program in the subject Pharmaceutics and Pharma Technology, I was offered lecturership  in the department. Though my main interest was in research, but I thought this would suit me.

I: What  kind of problems did you face during organization of National level seminar as the Coordinator and how did you overcome them?

Y: To work out everything well I planned way ahead of the actual date (17th March,2018).
I sent the invitation mails to almost all the Principals of Pharmacy colleges across Gujarat and also to some institutes of Pharmacy in Maharashtra, Karnatka, Punjab, NIPERS etc. I also informed most of them telephonically to have a personal touch.
The problem I faced was to find student volunteers for the event as everyone was busy with the GTU central techfest (which was postponed to 14th-16th March 2018). However my M.Pharm Part-I students helped me immensely in spite of having heavy burden.
I would say I achieved success in organization and execution of the mega event due to support of my students and faculties all over Maharashtra and Gujarat who encouraged their students to take part in the seminar as well as in presentation of excipients related posters. Almost 92 delegates took part in the seminar and approximately 35 posters were presented. Everyone had a good time and gained something fruitful.

I: Share some experience about your new book on microbiology.

Y: Well, I wanted to publish an E.Book so that anyone interested can view it and download it throughout the world. This Book is for faculties and students alike. I wanted to share my knowledge and experience in the subject of microbiology with all pharmacy students. There were approximately 900 views on the very first day I launched it on our blog. I would like to have comments from them as well. Till now I have received nice comments from both faculties and students around Ahmedabad.

I: What are some of your most special moments at LMCP?

Y: There is so much LMCP has given me to remember. One of the things is days of mine working as a research fellow in the pilot-plant scale up of microcrystalline cellulose from sugarcane bagasse at LMCP. Secondly, the days I worked on enzyme urease for my doctoral program from 1983 to 1987. I had visited so many libraries, so many research and academic institutes. I got a chance to meet various  industrialists and government executives working in the field of science and technology during that tenure. All this enriched my knowledge and provided me with great opportunities to work in the challenging field of pharmaceutical research.

I: What are your strengths?

Y: I am strong-willed.

I: What are your life goals?

Y: According to me knowledge is infinite and I want to achieve more and more of it. Presently I want to deliver my best to the students and in future also be completely involved in Pharma research even after being retired.

I: What advice would you like to give to the students?

Y: I would like to tell them to remove lethargy from their minds, be alert and active in listening to lectures delivered by teachers. Try to imbibe as much knowledge as you can when you are a student.

Interviewers- Meet Boghra, Rutvi Shah, Rutvik Modi and Dhyey Salot

Edited by- Dr. Radhika Pandya and Amisha Nehru

Photography Credits- Rutvi Patel





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