LMCPians Roared in GTU ZONAL TECH FEST-2018

Lmcpians shining here, there and everywhere!

LMCPians once again showed their aptitude and bagged the various positions in zonal techfest which was held at L. J. College of Pharmacy on 17th February.


Techfest is the annual science, technology and management festival of GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY. It is known for hosting a multitude of events that include competitions, exhibitions, lectures and workshops along with several other social initiatives and outreach programmes.

Techfest of Pharmacy Events constitute of wide array of Pharmaceutical events that increase Pharmaceutical knowledge & managerial skills among Pharmacy studentsThere were five events related to Pharmacy in the techfest.

1.Pharma Debate

2.Poster presentation on Pharma field

3.Pharma Recipe

4.Pharma Sketch

5.Pharma Entrepreneurship

Many students of LMCP took part in these events and the students who won the competition are as following:

1. Reshma Punjabi and Himanshi Yadav secured 1st position in Pharma Debate. (Cash Prize of Rs.2000 along with Certificate)

2. Shrey Darji secured 1st position in Poster Presentation. (Cash prize of Rs.2000 along with Certificate).

3. Karan Patel, Sunny Gupta and Nirmal Mehta secured 3rd position in Poster Presentation.

4.Hetu Thakkar and Kavan Thakkar secured 1st position in Pharma Entrepreneurship. (Cash prize Rs.2000 along with Certificate).

5.Abhishek Sharma and Parth Patel secured 2nd position in Pharma Entrepreneurship. (Cash prize Rs.1500 along with Certificate)

6.Normi Gajjar and Krupa Patel secured 3rd position in Pharma Entrepreneurship.

We wish Good Luck to all the winners for GTU CENTRAL TECHFEST-2018.

Reported by – Yash Shah

Edited by – Dr. Radhika Pandya and Amisha Nehru



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