GTU Central Tech-Fest’18 at LMCP

The most awaited GTU Central TECH-FEST is back and again a proud moment for L. M. College of Pharmacy to host it. The event will be held in the first week of March’18 and we expect the same enthusiasm from students that we received earlier. The details regarding the events will be disclosed soon. So, be ready for the events and lets make it a big success!!

For more details contact:


1. Mr. Harshit Mandaliya (7600589858) 

2. Mr. Vijaykumar Bhavsar (9978528897)

Faculty Coordinators: Dr. Gaurang Shah, Dr. Radhika Pandya, Mr. Nayan Ratnakar, Dr. Dharmistha Parmar, Dr. Beenkumar Prajapati and Mr. Tejas Dhameliya

Chief Coordinator:  Dr. Sunita Goswami

Reported by – Vijaykumar Bhavsar and Himika Rathi

Edited by – Dr. Radhika Pandya

Poster credit – Priyesh Bharad

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