LMCPians shining with flying colours at SPIRIT-2k18-BHU

Once again LMCPians have made us proud at SPIRIT 2k18 which was organized at Banaras Hindu University (BHU) on 3rd and 4th  of February. SPIRIT is an annual All India Student’s Conclave and a National Seminar held at the Pharmaceutical Society of IIT (BHU) Varanasi. It is ninth edition of Spirit in February 2018 along with the new avenues for development, creativity, fun and learning.

Six students of B.Pharm Semester-6 (Vinisha, Priyesh, Karan, Sunny, Harshit and Vijaykumar)  participated in this event. Students who bagged  various positions :

1. Priyesh Bharad secured 1st rank in Poster Presentation of Pharmaceutics (Guided by Dr. Parloop Bhatt)


2. Karan Patel and Sunny Gupta secured 1st rank in Poster Presentation of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Guided by Dr. Radhika Pandya)


3. Vijaykumar Bhavsar secured 1st Rank in Debate.


4. Harshit Mandaliya secured 3rd rank in Group Discussion.


Vijaykumar Bhavsar was felicitated  for his excellent leadership and management skills as a Campus Ambassador.

Special thanks to Dr. Mamta Shah  for her kind support to the participants of SPIRIT’18 during their long journey.

L. M. college of pharmacy is proud of the outstanding performances of these students and we hope they keep making us proud in future. Keep shining LMCPians!

Reported by – Yash Shah

Edited by- Dr Radhika Pandya and Amisha Nehru

Photography credit – Priyesh Bharad, Vinisha Dudhat , Sunny Gupta and Harshit Mandaliya





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