PARTYCLES 2k18 – Day 1: Executive/Go Green Day

College fest is the event that students eagerly wait for. It provides fun, frolic and platform to the students to exhibit their knowledge and skills.
Just like every year, LMCP has celebrated its 7 day intra-institute Annual fest- PARTYCLES – 2018.
The college ambiance changed when the annual intra college fest of LMCP, PARTYCLES knocked the doors of the college.
The fest boosted the energy of the students and filled their hearts with enthusiasm as the first day of PARTYCLES was celebrated as ‘Go Green Day’ and ‘Executive Day‘.
Various competitions like Essay writing, Elocution, Painting, Rangoli, Treasure Hunt and Screening Round 1 for Talent Hunt 2k18 were also organised to give the students a chance to exhibit their talent.

Inter class Quiz Competition of B. Pharm. semester – 4 was coordinated by Ankita Yawalkar and Tvisha Shah under the leadership of Dr. Sunita Goswami and Dr. Radhika Pandya, with the support of Dr. Sneha Chacko. The quiz was really enjoyable for the students and had a surprise element of both fun and learning. Rohan Gajjar, Esha Bulsara, Hetu Thakkar, Mehul Patel and Harshit Mandaliya were helpful volunteers without whose assistance the quiz would not have been conducted smoothly.

The Summary of Day 1 is as below:


Reported by – Vijaykumar Bhavsar

Edited by – Dr. Radhika Pandya ,Ankita Yawalkar, Tvisha Shah

Photography credit – Yash Mehta

Click here for Photos


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