Khevna Maniar: ATP of the College!


BIRTHDATE: 10th August, 1995


SCHOOLS ATTENDED: Blossom, Vishwa Bharti; Prakash (Grade 6th – 12th)

GRADUATION: L. M. College of Pharmacy

POST GRADUATION: Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (At present)

I: Why did you choose pharmacy?

K:  I was more interested in forensic science than in pharmacy. But I was suggested that instead of pursuing Bachelor’s of Science in forensic science, it would be more beneficial to gain a degree in Pharmacy and then make my career in Forensics. Moreover, I wanted to study abroad and there the requirement for a Master’s program is 12+4.

I: Despite being busy in various college activities in the first two weeks (Alumni, Red Ribbon Club, Umeed) of January you managed to qualify GPAT. How did you manage this feat?

K: I had my basic concepts clear and my classmates were generous enough to lend me the notes from a coaching institute. All of this was enough to crack GPAT.

I: Why forensic science? 

K: I think a little bit of it can be credited to fan following. I came across various TV series and books related to this and it made me fall in love with the glamour of that area. Also, I want to help people without getting too empathetic. In forensic sciences, you have to analyze a cadaver and there is least chance of any emotional connection.

I: What are your further plans?

K: I have got many options.

I can go for PhD or I can opt for a double Master’s which would allow me to enter into the practical area of forensic sciences.

I: How do you control negative emotions (like anger) and what do you think your strengths are?

K: Well, I won’t say that I don’t get angry. It is just that I know how to channel my anger productively. I believe that instead of getting angry and frustrated at a person for not doing his/her work, it would be better to use that anger as an impetus to complete the work.

I don’t exactly have strengths. I just diminish my weaknesses so that they become strengths. But yes, I must say that I believe in the power of never giving up!

I: What is the main ethic you definitely believe in ?

K: Honesty. (Laughs) It, ironically, is rare to find. People often stab you in the back. I believe in putting up a fight on the frontlines.

I: Tell us about your achievements.

K: I think all my personal achievements are more important to me than anything else. I am a good student. My mother believes that am a good daughter. I try to be good citizen.

(Laughs) I am not a good sister because my sister has never said so. (Her sister chuckles and says she is.)

I: Is there any disappointment that you couldn’t do something?

K: I think not being able to go abroad is something I regret. Though I am in a very good college right now, and have amazing teachers and friends, I am unable to accept the fact that I might be missing out on something.

I: What do you particularly enjoy? What hobbies do you have?

K: I really enjoy reading books. On certain days I become a foodie and watch TV series and on others, I would become a crazy dancer not being seen by anyone. It depends on my mood, actually.

I: In your 22 years of life, you must have had some milestones some special moments. Do you want to share some of them?

K: I am a very bad at remembering things. One of the milestone moments was when I scored well in 12th grade and winning a bet against my father. (He said that I won’t score more than 90% but I went on to score 94.6%.)

I believe there are really no milestones in anyone’s life. You always have like small small events that make you break you and I think they become milestones.

I: Special moments related to LMCP

K:  I remember hanging out with friends, being yelled at by the watchman, running late into Parikh sir’s lab and him asking my classmates about my whereabouts. I remember enjoying being a part of events and activities. I will say I don’t remember a lot of stuff but yes, they mean a lot.

I: Who are the mentors/ teachers or role models you look up to?

K: I feel really very lucky because I have always been surrounded by good people. My mother is one of them. She has always supported me and inspired me. At my school (Prakash), my Maths and Hindi teacher impacted me. In college, Dr. Parloop ma’am and Dr. Mamta ma’am. They always had a different aura of never giving up on discipline and quality education. Dr. Parloop ma’am was always myself and that fascinated me. Dr. Mamta ma’am was always there to help students out and support us through thick and thin.

I: What about your life goals?

K: I want to travel a lot and eat voraciously. Actually, in a nutshell, I will only say that I have no goals but one – live my life as fully as possible.

I: Being an alumnus of LMCP, what message you would like to convey to the freshers of LMCP?

K: Don’t be the sheep in the herd. Make your own life.

Interviewrs:  Tvisha Shah, Vijaykumar Bhavsar, Anoushka Bhat

Edited by – Dr. Radhika Pandya ,Tvisha Shah , Amisha Nehru

Photography credit : Yash Mehta

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