A Seminar on Operation Clean Money by Income Tax Department

LMCP hosted an Outreach Program conducted by Income Tax Department on the subject of Operation Clean Money on 5th October, 2017.

The speaker for the day was Mahesh Jiwade, Joint Commissioner of Income Tax, Ahmedabad. He gave knowledge about why to pay Income tax, where the tax money is being used and prioritize cleaning money by paying Income tax.

Several activities were a part of the program – which included :

1. Screening of movie:  Income Tax Department –  Building new india; and  Naye bharat ka nirman

2. A brief power point presentation

3. Online pledge: http://www.cleanmoney.gov.in (Anyone can pledge online by clicking on given link)

4. Planting two plants in LMCP campus.

College students were targeted as they are seen as potential tax payers in the future.

Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Nayan Ratnakar

Reported by – Vijaykumar Bhavsar

Edited by – Dr. Radhika Pandya & Tvisha Shah


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