Teacher’s day 2017

It was all fun and cheers at L. M. College of Pharmacy on 5th September, 2017 when Teacher’s Day was celebrated.
The day kicked off with the colorful event of Rangoli (made by Yatra Parmar and Hirva Parmar), followed by the welcoming of teachers. The teachers were greeted at the door with “Aarti,” “Tilak” and a card.
Sports Event was arranged for teachers – which was hosted by Samkit Shah, Sunny Gupta, Nirmal Mehta and Tushar Khatri. The teachers enjoyed playing Table Tennis, Badminton and Chess.
Staff members and students had a hearty lunch of tasty delicacies such as Pav-Bhaji, Pulao and Gulab-jamun.
The teachers and students (who volunteered to be teachers) had a wonderful meeting in the Library, where a productive exchange of thoughts and opinions took place.
The main event started with a warm welcome speech by Priyesh Bharad, and an expressive poetry by Sunny Gupta. The event had two interesting components – an exciting Game of Dare (hosted by Dhruvil Prajapati) and Treasure Hunt (hosted by Carron Kapadia, Suhani Suthar and Riya Mistry). The winner of the latter was Department of Pharmaceutics, which won the title of “Department of the Year.” Saplings were then distributed to all the Teachers as a mark of respect and love from the students.
The event was concluded by short speech from I/C Principal of the day, Dr. R. K. Parikh – and a vote of thanks by Tvisha Shah.
The teachers also gave feedback comments towards the end of the event followed by a beautiful short film in order to thank teachers. A photo session was held at the end, in order to capture the moment in photographs.

It was, comprehensively, the most memorable and wonderful teacher’s day which was managed by Vijaykumar Bhavsar and The Team of B.Pharm Semester-5 (Under the guidance of Dr. Mamta Shah.)

YouTube Link of Short Film for Teachers by Samkit Shah, Harshit Mandaliya & Team of B.Pharm Sem. 5.

Reported by – Vijaykumar Bhavsar and Priyesh Bharad
Edited by – Dr. Radhika Pandya and Tvisha Shah
Photography credit – Yash Bhavsar, Yash Mehta & Mehul Patel

Click here to see the Photos



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