Reflections of Life at LMCP: An Interview with Dr. Rajesh K. Parikh


About Dr. Parikh

Birthdate 20th September, 1955
Birthplace Ahmedabad
Primary education Diwan Ballubhai, Kankaria, Ahmedabad
Graduation LMCP
Post graduation LMCP

Why teach?

I was a challenge to my teachers. So, I understand what as a student, is a challenge to any teacher. Mischievous students seem like a challenge to their teachers, and I was one of them.
Initially, I worked at Cadila Laboratories, Maninagar in the Production department. However, I left the job and joined L. M. College of Pharmacy as a demonstrator in 1979.

Usually, pharmacy isn’t the first choice of students and I was no exception. However, I was determined, thereafter, to make progress in the field I’m in.

Research :

More than 50 national publications, and about 20 international publications, and around 100 posters. There are 4 patents granted to my credit.
I have also presented two papers abroad – on the topic of nanotechnology in USA in 2009.

Achievements :

I have guided 6 Ph. D. students in my career from different universities of Gujarat and several RDC, DAC. About 150 students from GU, GTU and AU have completed their M. Pharm. under my guidance.

Special moments :

If we try and narrate my special moments in a reverse chronological order, I think my greatest satisfaction lies in the fact that I was able to get the stipend deposited directly in the students’ account. (Sir negotiated with the AICTE and High Court of Gujarat authorities for the the same.) This was a major milestone in my journey.
Our golden jubilee ceremony is also a cherished memory, wherein I was a member in the Amendment Committee of the Constitution which was related to LMCP Alumni Association and LMCP Alumni Association and Research Trust. We’d given a lot of constructive criticism at the time.

What will you miss about LMCP the most?

I have never taken a long leave from LMCP as it is a second home to me. I’ve taught almost all the subjects of the Department during my career.
Needless to say, thus, I’ll miss my students the most. Also I’ll miss my active hours here at LMCP.

Sir’s wife and elder son (B. Pharm. Class of 2005, Post graduation from NIPER Mohali, MS healthcare in USA) both are alumni of LMCP. LMCP is extremely proud to carry such legacy.

How was your journey from demonstrator to Head of Department?

We were promoted from demonstrator to lecturer by Government resolution. Eventually, I made it a point to put my best foot forward when it came to interacting with and teaching students – from participation in competitions to guiding their projects – I have done it all.
We have all worked very hard during our tenure in the college and consequently, after the retirement of Principal and Head, Dr. M. C. Gohel, I was made the head of the department.

As Head Of Department, I have brought in about 40 lakes as grant – and tried to upgrade the department as much as possible.

I have been a part of several activities in the department, and also worked as I/C Principal in 2012.

Strengths :

I am very determined and tenacious. I try to not only maintain my work ethic, but also work systematically. I believe strongly in discipline and record-keeping.

Weaknesses :

I get stressed out easily due to my rigorous work schedule and need for punctuality, discipline and work ethic. However, it doesn’t stop me from believing that these qualities are important and integral to every successful individual.

LMCP is very proud to be the institution with which Dr. R. K. Parikh is associated. From overflowing classes during his lectures to successfully guiding all his students, he has been a highly successful teacher and an even more revered person for the generations he has taught, and the legacy they carry forward.

Interviewers :

Rohan Gajjar, Smit Gandhi, Sunny Gupta, Vijaykumar Bhvasar

Reported by – Vijaykumar Bhavsar

Edited by – Dr. Radhika Pandya & Tvisha Shah

6 thoughts on “Reflections of Life at LMCP: An Interview with Dr. Rajesh K. Parikh

  1. My academic years were started from 2009 to 2013.
    As a foreign student (Bangladesh) I got full support from my faculties.
    Dr. Parikh Sir is one of them.
    I want to say Thanks to our beloved and respected sir for his great support to the students. He was also a very responsible rector of “J Block”(Pharmacy Boy’s Hostel) of our times . We always pray for you Sir.May Almighty bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had done my post graduation in Pharmaceutics in 1991 to 1993 under guidance of Dr.R. k. Parikh sir. I found him good mentor as well as very good human being.

    Harshad Patel

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great teacher and mentor I had experienced during my B. Pharmacy at LMCP during 1998-2002. I still remembered his first lecture, he started asking students whether you would like to learn from a Teacher, Lecturer or Professor. He then expressed his philosophy on it. Really it was a life long learning session for me and helped a lot in my profession. Another memory that many times in our Batch group recalls his lectures on EVAPORATION.
    Dedication in teaching is synonymous to Sir.
    Hats off to our beloved Parikh Sir.
    Dr. Vijay Parmar, CHARUSAT.

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  4. It was a memorable journey wit Dr. R.K. Parikh during my m.pharm (2011-2013) under his guidance. He doesn’t spoon feeding to students but make students self lerner and self dependent. He is a great mentor and teacher.
    : Soham Sheta, (Senior exec, Zydus Cadiila)

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