Dr. Parloop Bhatt – A Powerhouse

Dr. Parloop Bhatt in her office, photographed by Yash Mehta

About Dr. Parloop Bhatt

BIRTHDATE 28th June 1962
SCHOOLS ATTENDED Mount Carmel; St. Xavier’s Loyola
GRADUATION B. Pharm, L. M. College of Pharmacy
POST GRADUATION M. Pharm. in Pharmacology, L. M. College of Pharmacy
Ph. D. in Pharmacology
Diploma in Management

Professional Ventures

Dr. Parloop Bhatt worked as the PDO at Torrent Pharmaceuticals (Product Development Officer) in her early professional life. She joined L.M. College Of Pharmacy as a Lecturer and is still going strong by opening doors to innovation and advancement for not only the students in pharmaceutical sciences but also in management.

Why teach?

Dr. Parloop Bhatt, in her youth, aspired to be a doctor but missed out on her dream because of a single mark gap between her score and the medical cut-off. However, instead of losing hope, she became fiercely involved in her own profession of Pharmacy and completed all her assignments with excellence. She credits God and her hard work for the same.

How does Dr. Bhatt face the challenges in her life?

Dr. Parloop believes that “actions speak louder than words.” She follows the principles of Mahatma Gandhi when stuck in a tough situation, and is of the firm belief that all work once started must always be completed, irrespective of the barriers and challenges.

Life Goals

To be able to take care of and spend time with her family.

To be of assistance to all those who interact with her.

To be remembered as a happy person.

Life through the lens of Dr. Parloop Bhatt

Dr. Bhatt is of the firm belief that a happy life is a life well-lived. She aspires to be happy and to bring happiness into the life of others. She also believes that working with passion and love is the highest form of worship.


The interviewers: Priyesh Bharad, Vijaykumar Bhavsar, Sunny Gupta, Hansal Kumar, Yash Mehta and Karan Patel.

Reported by – Vijaykumar Bhavsar

Edited by – Dr. Radhika Pandya & Tvisha Shah

Photography Credit – Yash Mehta

2 thoughts on “Dr. Parloop Bhatt – A Powerhouse

  1. Dear Parloop mam, you have always been an immense source of motivation, confidence and enthusiasm during our learning tenure of B. Pharm and M. Pharm. at the college. You have always guided us like your own child and helped us believe in ourselves. You are cheerful and strict – all at once – during classroom teaching. We feel blessed to have a teacher like you.

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