Amazing Artists of LMCP

Painting and sketching is an art of imagination. Some of the students of LMCP have the skills of putting their imaginations on a paper in the form of paintings and sketches .

Here are some of the masterpieces by the artists of L. M. College of Pharmacy.

Painter : Priyesh Bharad, B.Pharm Sem. IV


Painter : Devang Vyas, M.Pharm Sem. II


Painter & Sketcher : Mansi Bhalodiya, B.Pharm Sem. IV


Painter & Sketcher – Kinjal Gamit, B.Pharm Sem. VIII


Sketcher – Parmar Piyush, Diploma Part II


Painter – Parmar Hirva, B.Pharm Sem. IV



Varli Painting By – Parmar Yatra, Parmar Hirva & Bharad Priyesh(B.Pharm Sem. IV)



Sketcher – Patel Dhruv, B.Pharm Sem II

Sketcher – Richa Bhola, B.Pharm Sem. II

Richa bhola

 LMCP wishes bright future of all the artists.

Reported by – Vijaykumar Bhavsar

Edited by – Dr. Radhika Pandya & Ankita Yawalkar

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