L. M. College of Pharmacy, in association with Vasan Eye Care Hospital organized a free eye check up camp under NSS activity on April 25, 2017. The camp witnessed a sincere participation of over 100 students and staff members. On this occasion, the experts from Vasan Eye Care conducted a comprehensive computerized eye examination and counseled the patients regarding eye care.

The whole event was flawlessly managed by NSS volunteers of B.Pharm semester II & semester VI. We appreciate hard work of following NSS volunteers:

Sr.No. Name of Volunteers Class
1. Bhat Raksha B.Pharm. Sem. VI
2. Bhola Richa B.Pharm. Sem. II
3. Bulsara Esha B.Pharm. Sem. II
4. Dave Bhavya B.Pharm. Sem. II
5. Dave Jhanvi B.Pharm. Sem. II
6. Gadhiya Jahanvi B.Pharm. Sem. II
7. Gajjar Rohan B.Pharm. Sem. II
8. Jani Harshilkumar B.Pharm. Sem. II
9. Kapadiya Feni B.Pharm. Sem. II
10. Koul Ankit B.Pharm. Sem. VI
11. Patel Dhruv B.Pharm. Sem. II
12. Patel Kevin B.Pharm. Sem. II
13. Patel Nirali B.Pharm. Sem. II
14. Patel Sahil B.Pharm. Sem. II
15. Raina Purvanshi B.Pharm. Sem. II
16. Raina Vidya B.Pharm. Sem. II
17. Shah Darshil B.Pharm. Sem. II




Reported by – Mr. Nayan Ratnakar & Vijaykumar Bhavsar

Edited by – Dr. Radhika Pandya & Ankita Yawalkar

Photography credit – Harshilkumar Jani

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