National Integration Camp aims at integrating the volunteers from different states for a given duration so that they can know each other’s culture, lifestyle, work habits, food, etc.  It also establishes a channel for effective mingling of different NSS units so that they can collaborate and function as a single unit at the National level. One of our NSS volunteer Mr. Vijaykumar Bhavsar was selected for this camp.

The NIC held at Seven Star International School, Bani, Hamirpur District, Himachal Pradesh was one of the total eight NICs held throughout the year. It was organized by +2 NSS Council Directorate of Higher Education. Approximately 250 students from 15 states consisting of Bihar, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Kerala, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil-Nadu, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh participated.

The camp was held between 31st March to 06th April 2017. The Program Officer of Gujarat State NSS was Prof. Niket Shastri (Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology). The list of participating students from our state is as follows:

Sr. No. Name of Student Name of College
1. Riya Mistry L.D. College of Engineering
2. Kishankumar Busha L.D. College of Engineering
3. Hetavikumari Patel L.D. College of Engineering
4. Anjana Vincent L.D. College of Engineering
5. Ruchita Kaneriya Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology
6. Radhika Monpara Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology
7. Apoorv Parikh Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology
8. Jitendra Singh Sigma Institute of Pharmacy
9. Jaynish Patel Sigma Institute of Pharmacy
10. Simran Patel Sigma Institute of Pharmacy
11. Drashti Patel Vishwakarma Government Engineering College
12. Urvis Maravaniya Vishwakarma Government Engineering College
13. Vijaykumar Bhavsar L.M. College of Pharmacy
14. Sana Vohra Government Engineering College, Gandhinagar
15. Milap Purohit Anand Pharmacy College

The summary of the whole 7 days camp is as below:

Date: March 30th, 2017

Welcoming Students

Students from various states arrived till afternoon. They were welcomed in the traditional Indian way with kumkum, rice and flowers followed by lunch. Shortly after this, the students were allocated their respective rooms. At evening, after dinner, the students were briefed about the events to be conducted during the week along with the decorum to be followed during the stay of the students.

Date: March 31st, 2017

Day 1 – Inauguration Ceremony

The day started with the Prabhat Pheri and various morning activities which included flag hoisting, singing of the NSS Anthem and the Morning Prayer. It was followed by light yoga and exercise and breakfast.  The Integration Rally started by 10 am wherein students from different states arrived in their traditional attires which lasted till 12pm. After lunch, the students were free for the preparation of the Inauguration Ceremony. The Inauguration ceremony commenced by 2 pm which involved lighting of the lamp, welcoming of the guests and speeches by various dignitaries. The dignitaries for the event were Prof. P.C.Patiyal, Prof. K.S. Dheer and Shri Dilip Thakur. Every state gave a glimpse of its cultural heritage and various art forms in the ceremony which was ended by 7 pm. The girls from Gujarat state performed Garba on the famous song “Mor bani thanghat kare”.


Date: April 1st, 2017

Day 2

The day started with the usual Prabhat Pheri and welcoming of the guest Capt. Ajit Singh with a short parade, flag hoisting and singing of the NSS Anthem. After breakfast, at 10 am Essay competition began in which 2 participants from each state were enrolled and which lasted for an hour.Simultaneously, an interaction session was organized between the volunteers of Bihar and Punjab followed by the states of Jharkhand and Haryana. They discussed about the geography, history, food and agriculture, cultural heritage and various art forms, demography and current status (strength and weakness) of their respective states. Thereafter, a session was conducted by the dignitaries Shri K.S.Dheer and Shri Narasimha Rana. The debate competition was organized from 3:45 – 4:45 pm. It was followed by the Interactive session between Kerala and Delhi followed by the Traditional Dress Competition. A cultural program was organized in the evening and was followed by the dinner. This marked the end of the day.

Date: April 2nd, 2017

Day 3 – The Day of Excursion

The usual morning routine began at 5:50 am followed by the flag hoisting and the singing of the NSS Anthem. After that the students were taken for Excursion to the prominent places of Himachal Pradesh. Firstly, they went to McLeod Ganj, Bhakshu Nath Temple & the Buddhist Dalai Lama Temple. Thereafter, they went to the Jwalaji Temple and enjoyed the freshness of the Beas River which resembles a waterfall in the summer season. Finally, they visited the Dharamshala Cricket Stadium (Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium – HPCA). After a day of fun and frolic, the students returned to their camp.


Date: April 3rd, 2017

Day 4

After the Prabhat Pheri and usual morning activities there was an Interactive Session  between the states of Chandigarh and Tamil Nadu.  At 10 am, Slogan Writing Competition began followed by Poster Making Competition. Further the students were taken for a Village Visit where they interacted with the residents and learned about their lifestyle, agriculture, income and other background details. The lunch was followed by a motivational session which was succeeded by the Elocution competition at 3:30 pm. It was followed by the cultural programs by different states. The dinner was prepared by the Gujarat team which comprised of Khichdi, Kadi, and Chapatti& Vegetable curry.

Date: April 4th, 2017

Day 5

The day started with the Prabhat Pheri after which the usual morning activities were performed. The yoga was led by Shri Shashi Rana. After the breakfast, Interactive session was organized between the states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. At 10 am, Rangoli competition was organized in which from each state a team comprising of 6 volunteers participated. Shortly after this, the interactive session between  Uttarakhand and Rajasthan was scheduled. It was followed by an Instrumental Music Competition.  After the lunch which was prepared by Rajasthan state, a technical session was hosted by Dr Kapendra Singh. A Senior Interactive session was conducted wherein 2 volunteers from each state conversed with the senior citizens of the villages. The Skit competition was conducted at 5 pm which was followed by the Folk Dance competition wherein the Gujarat Contingent performed Dandiya Raas. The day then ended with the dinner and the preparation for the upcoming competitions.


Date: April 5th, 2017

Day 6

The day started with the Prabhat Pheri accompanied by the usual morning activities. At 9 am, the Interactive Session was scheduled between the states of Jammu & Kashmir and Chhattisgarh followed by Short Story competition. Thereafter, a Mehendi and Photography competition was also conducted. After the lunch which comprised the south Indian delicacies prepared by the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, a technical session was hosted by Capt. Subhash. It was succeeded by Mono Acting competition. At 7:30pm, The Group Dance competition was conducted.


Date: April 6th, 2017

Day 7 – Day of Departure

A short function of flag hoisting and singing of NSS song was organized. It was followed by the Drill Parade competition of the various contingents. Soon after, the last competition of the camp – Exhibition competition was held which gave a chance to the states to display their traditional attires and culture handicrafts. The closing ceremony was scheduled at 11am in which all the states gave a final glimpse of their Art forms and were graced by the dignitaries. This was followed by the declaration of the winners of the 17 competitions held during the camp with Himachal Pradesh bagging the first position with 8 awards and Gujarat being the second with 6 awards. It was then succeeded with the final photography session of the winners and the state contingents. After having the lunch at the camp, the volunteers bid farewell to each other and with the bag of brimming memories they departed to their respective destinations.


Awards won by the Gujarat Contingent

S.No. Name of Event Name of Volunteer Position
1. Photography Apoorv Parikh 1st
2. Short Film Kishankumar Busha 1st
3. Essay Writing Jitendra Singh 2nd
4. Poster Making Hetavikumari Patel 2nd
5. Debate Anjana Vincent 3rd
6. Folk Dance Riya Mistry & Group 3rd

Reported by – Anjana Vincent (LDCE) and Vijaykumar Bhavsar

Edited by – Dr. Radhika Pandya

Photography credit – Apoorv Parikh (SCET)


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