L. M. College of Pharmacy organized a one-day National Seminar on “Woman – An Inspirational Soul,” sponsored by GUJCOST, on 18th March, 2017. Competition of Poster Presentation on the broad theme of “Unique Aspects of Women in Healthcare” was also a part of the event.

The inauguration of the event was done by Ms. Ruzan Khambatta, the chief guest of the function; Hon’ble Principal Dr. M. T. Chhabria; and Co-ordinators – Dr. Parloop Bhatt and Dr. Yamini Shah. Mehul Thakker made an auspicious start to the event by singing a prayer, followed by an inspirational song performed by Dhara Shah, Pooja and Hina Singhaniya.

Amongst the well-known and extremely inspirational speakers were – Ms.Ruzan Khambatta, the founder of Police Heart 1091, who delivered a wonderful speech on Women’s Safety (Topic : “Wajra O’ Force, Empowerment Foundation”); Dr. Sonal Kotdavala, Gynecologist & Obstetrician, who spread awareness  about the health of women (Topic: “Women’s Health”) and; Dr. Pratibha Aathwale, Dentist who talked about the situation in northern states of India (Topic : “Purvanchal – Ek Ahwan”).

L. M. College of Pharmacy is indeed grateful to these incredible women who spare their invaluable time by accepting the invitation and delivered motivational lectures for the audience.

The Poster Presentation was a successful event too, as 26 teams gave their active and whole-hearted participation in the event. The judges were none other than the reputed Dr. Rajal Thaker (Professor, NHL Municipal Hospital) and Mr. H. B. Nanavati (Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics, LMCP). Dr. Rajal Thaker was also chief guest of valedictory session and gave a wonderful speech for the occasion. Himanshi and Priyanka concluded the event with a graceful dance. Dr. Yamini Shah presented the inaugural vote of thanks on behalf of LMCP, and Dr. Sindhu Ezhava gave the valedictory remarks.

The whole event was wonderfully hosted by Himika Rathi and Reshma Punjabi; and coordinated flawlessly by Dr. Parloop Bhatt, Dr. Yamini Shah, Dr. Sindhu Ezhava, Dr.Dharmishtha Parmar, Dr. Preeti Verma and Ms. Vanita Lasan.


List of winners of the Poster Presentation:

1st Prize: Maria Bandookwala (Presenter) and Archi Patel (Co-author)

2nd Prize: Ankita Yawalkar (Presenter), Tvisha Shah (Co-author) and Riya Sharma (Co-author)

3rd prize (Draw):

Pooja Vaghela (Presenter), N.U. Patel (Co-author), and P.I. Shah (Co-author)

Dr. Sunita Goswami (Presenter), and Krishna Shah (Co-author)

Reported by – Sahil Patel and Dhruv Patel

Edited by – Dr. Radhika Pandya, Tvisha Shah and Ankita Yawalkar

Photography credit – Yash Bhavsar

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