Orientation Programme for College Activities

LMCP NSS Unit hosted orientation programme for College Activities for students of B.Pharm Sem-II on 7th March 2017 in Seminar hall. The following staff members were part of this programme.
1. Mr. Nayan Ratnakar
( NSS Program Officer-LMCP)
2. Dr. Preeti Verma
( Co- Editor of LMCP Newsletter & Faculty Incharge of Red Ribbon Club)
3. Dr. Radhika Pandya
( Faculty Incharge of BLOG of LMCP)
4. Ms. Karuna Modi
(Faculty In Charge LMCP Page and SUPRABHAT)

NSS Volunteers (Carron Kapadia, Shrey Darji, Palak Bhat, Dhruvil Prajapati, Tvisha Shah & Ankita Yawalkar) addressed the B.Pharm Sem-II students and gave information related to NSS activities and it’s Goal, Mission &  Work. They inspired them to join in NSS activities as well as other College extra-curricular activities. Detailed information was given on the following college activities by the volunteers:
(1) NSS

Mr. Nayan Ratnakar inspired students to give their quality time for NSS & also for other college activities, a speech that was followed by round of applause.

The whole programme was managed by Vijaykumar Bhavsar. (Student Coordinator of NSS)

Reported by – Sahil Patel & Dhruv Patel

Edited by – Tvisha Shah & Vijaykumar Bhavsar

Photography credit : Yash Bhavsar

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