LMCP at Enigma’17

L. M. College of Pharmacy prides itself in announcing that our students bagged the top positions at four events at Enigma-2017, organized by Nirma Institute of Pharmacy Students’ Association, Nirma University.
The winners are as follows :

Technical Events :

PowerPoint presentation – 1st prize

Tvisha Shah and Ankita Yawalkar (Both from Semester – 4)

Non-technical Events :

1. Arena of Gamers – 1st prize

Nirmal Mehta (Semester – 4)

Nirmal Mehta

2. Debate competition (Gujarati) – 1st prize

Labdhi Doshi, Khevna Maniar, Priyanshi Shah and Nidhi Prajapati (all from Semester – 8)

L – R – Khevna, Labdhi, Priyanshi and Nidhi

3. Nail Art – 1st prize
Nidhi Prajapati (Semester – 8)

LMCP is extremely proud of these achievers and congratulates them all.

Best wishes for future success!

Reported by – Vijaykumar Bhavsar, Khevna Maniar, Reshma Punjabi and Tvisha Shah

Edited by – Shreya Gupta and Tvisha Shah

Photography credit – Various

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