Days and Festin-o-beats

LMCP celebrated “Festin-o-beats” from Feb 6 to Feb 13, 2017 to bring all the members of LMCP family together for fun, excitement, interaction and reflection on campus life and community. The week was full of joy and the celebrations were extravagant.Each day was celebrated with different dress code themes like Tapori day, Retro day, Twin day, Traditional day, Black and white day etc. Different competitions were also organized like Mehndi, Rangoli, Culfest (Festin-o-beats), Tree painting and Hairstyle. Festin-o-beats was the highlight of the days. Students also participated in sports events like cricket, table-tennis, badminton etc. The students came up with bizarre and fantastic ideas in all the events and made the whole week memorable & colourful just like a kaleidoscope.

Organized by – Bachelor’s of Pharmacy Semester 6

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Reported by – Ankita Yawalkar

Edited by – Vijaykumar Bhavsar and Tvisha Shah

Photography credit – Various

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