Sainik Welfare Fund

The NSS volunteers of LMCP raised Sainik Welfare Fund from 6th to 10th February wherein the students, the teaching and the non-teaching staff were asked to contribute a small amount of money for soldiers and their welfare. A total of 11421₹ was collected from all the above-mentioned sources.

The following NSS volunteers worked for the same task –

  1. Priyesh Bharad
  2. Vijaykumar Bhavsar
  3. Sunny Gupta
  4. Carron Kapadia
  5. Jinal Panchal
  6. Falguni Pankhaniya
  7. Karan Patel
  8. Mehul Patel
  9. Riddhi Prajapati
  10. Himika Rathi
  11. Samkit Shah
  12. Tvisha Shah
  13. Ankita Yawalkar

Reported by – Vijaykumar Bhavsar

Edited by – Tvisha Shah

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