Honouring Mahatma Gandhi

On the account of Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary on 30th January, 2017, all LMCPians observed a silence of two minutes before starting their day.

This silence was a tribute to all the men, not just Gandhiji, who laid down their lives for India as well as its citizens. This two minute period might have seemed to be silent for the onlookers, but it was full of respect and love for all martyrs and men whose prime endeavour was in the favour of their motherland, India.

Teaching and the non-teaching faculty observe the silence
Students paying their respects to the martyrs

Reported by – Vijaykumar Bhavsar

Edited by – Tvisha Shah

Photography credit – Yash Mehta

One thought on “Honouring Mahatma Gandhi

  1. Such a memorial day for us. due to examination we can not attend the tribute to the mahatma gandhi and other martyra.. such a greateful moments for lmcp


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